The changing face of pipelines: Meeting the new demands and defeating emerging problems

With demand increasing and pipelines ageing, the risk of failure is increased. Added to this, is the ongoing unrest in Eastern Europe and the threat of terrorism across areas of the Middle East, which causes supply fears. This made the 7th Annual Global Pipe Tech Summit a vital event for all those involved within pipeline maintenance, development and strategy.

What was covered in 2014?

  • Key political representatives from European Commission, Russia and Turkey discussed infrastructural challenges, regulatory issues and financing huge pipeline projects. As well as exploring areas of growth in the future, something every pipeline operator wanted to hear about
  • The latest technologies such as In-Line Inspection tools that identify issues within the pipeline quicker and more efficiently to prevent costly delays
  • Pipeline Integrity Maintenance Systems, as well as data management systems
  • As the population grows as does the risk of third party interference – Saudi Aramco described how they dealt with the issue as urbanisation threatened their pipelines in Saudi Arabia
  • New pipeline projects like TANAP, were discussed with a focus on issues around the key infrastructural challenges and the future of supply across the Black Sea
  • Take-home examples of regulatory challenges across borders, stakeholder engagement, future forecasting up to 2035 as well as a review of pipelines across the Southern Gas Corridor from the European Parliament
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“The event provided excellent networking opportunities and updates on recent pipeline project developments.” — Global Operations Manager, BG Group

“Good overview of the business chain concerning gas transportation (planning execution and operation).” — Head of Piping and GIS, Swissgas

“New technologies surrounded by experts all gathering in the same place.” — Senior Planing Engineer, Qatar Petroleum